Over 15 years of strategic management experience

For more than 15 years, Christiane Herzhauser has been advising chairmen and board members on internal and external communications. She has successfully built up PR and communications departments from scratch, headed them, and acted as the company’s spokesperson in a string of companies: a US automotive supplier concern, an owner-operated British innovation and technology company, a leading German business law firm, and an internationally flourishing online art and auction house. And as a senior consultant at a Canadian consultancy firm, she developed solutions for a broad range of issues while counseling CEOs in the field of marketing.

Comprehensive national and international network of top journalists

It is the be-all and end-all of successful press and media work. Herzhauser PR’s network focuses on leading business, financial, technology, art, design, and lifestyle media at both the national and international level.

Proven communication successes

From special media to the New York Times: Christiane Herzhauser knows the players and communication paths – and she knows how to efficiently draft and place messages. She is a business economist who has, even in difficult market conditions, often successfully positioned brands, products, and services in the public, thereby contributing significantly to the company’s business success. She regularly advises owners and board members in complex situations and crises and she secures consistent and authentic communication, be it external or internal.

Masterful communication in every situation

Herzhauser PR stands for sovereignty, intercultural competence, a confident manner also on the diplomatic stage and tackles any communicative situation quickly, flexibly and professionally.