Whether you produce or sell art, design or luxury goods, provide premium services, run an innovative start-up enterprise, head a cultural or diplomatic organization, or are renowned for top-notch engineering – Herzhauser PR is the public relations and strategic communications firm that helps you successfully present your product, your service or your brand.

We ensure maximum visibility among the general public and in the minds of your key stakeholders, and we communicate with great skill even in complex situations.

Our approach: We transform unique qualities of your brand into efficient communication strategies and win over your target groups through authenticity. We do so online and offline, at the national and international level, with lean structures and lots of passion for communication.

Make PR and communications a real driver of business performance.

We are happy to support you.

Tailor-made PR strategies are a vital success factor for companies and brands


There are very good reasons to invest your budget in intelligent PR and communication measures.

Reach Business Targets

By designing tailor-made PR and communications strategies, we give you leverage that significantly pays off in reaching your business targets. Profit from it to tap the full potential of your business by increasing the number of visitors on your website and at events and trade fairs, by enlarging your clientele or by lastingly increasing the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers and employees.

Increase Impact

One plus one equals three: Increase the impact of your marketing efforts by complementing them with effective public relations.

Create Awareness

Do you want to increase public awareness of your company, your product, or your service – or establish a permanent position for your brand in the mind of the public? You profit from our systematic approach and expertise as we enable you to reach your short-, medium-, and long-term targets.

Win People Over

You want to win over customers, opinion leaders, or investors? We identify the right channels and know which approaches will lead to your goals.

Establish Innovation

Are you looking for ways to successfully establish your new product in an existing market? We know the mechanisms and instruments and develop tailor-made market entry strategies especially for you.

Stand Out from the Competition

Do you want to distinguish yourself favorably from the competition in a tight, competitive market? We know how to put your unique qualities into focus.

Master Complex Situations

Are you seeking for experienced specialists who can confidently lead you through complex communication topics and crisis situations, and who know how to successfully avoid them? We’re your reliable partner.

Break the Mold

You are looking for fresh, innovative ideas or want to profit from new stimuli through an unbiased view? Creativity is our strength, lateral thinking our agency. We’ll surprise you with ideas that don’t resemble standardized off-the-shelf concepts while always keeping an eye on feasibility and efficiency.

What can we help you achieve?




Herzhauser PR counsels firms, board members, and the PR departments of national and international companies on matters of internal and external communication. Using an analysis of the current state as a starting point, we work closely with you to develop efficient communications strategies that are adapted to your business goals, implement them, and regularly monitor the results.

Strategic Communication Consulting

From brand, product, or corporate communications to brand building and positioning or image building: We develop tailor-made communication concepts and efficiently implement them while constantly keeping an eye on your budgets. We bring along an extensive wealth of experience in launch concepts for products and brands as well as in the field of crisis communication.

Press and Media Work

Whatever it is, from drafting basic press texts to developing PR stories, and from organizing press interviews and events to writing and placing articles, as well as identifying links to your marketing activities, such as media cooperations or product placements, and media monitoring: We know the ropes when it comes to successful press and media work and we’ll gladly function as your press office.

Crises Communication

We advise board members in dealing with complex situations and crises as well as on matters of crisis prevention. Profit from our professional issue monitoring and management and from our expertise in creating external and internal communication scenarios, from which we derive intelligent, tailor-made strategies.

Social Media

We develop social media strategies for you, implement them, and integrate them with your press and marketing activities to maximize the synergy effects.


From customer events to investor dinners, from a vernissage to an intimate gathering with your brand ambassadors, from a reception for opinion leaders in your industry to your presentation at a trade fair: Establish loyalty and awareness with unique events that are perfectly designed and orchestrated in every detail.

CEO and Board Member Positioning

Speaking opportunities, portraits, background talks, and networking – we know what counts when it comes to the strategic positioning of CEOs and we make sure you’re at the right place at the right time.

Internal Communication

Use the impetus of motivated and engaged employees paired with positive communication with your internal reference groups. We support you by designing commitment concepts, setting up internal communication guidelines, corporate newsletters, and internal websites.

Customer Relationship Management

From customer retention programs to newsletters and regular customer events – we ensure that you address your customers in an ideal way, develop measures that are tailor-made to reach your goals, and ensure that they are successfully implemented.

Communication and Media Training

Whether you are a CEO, board member, executive, or staff specialist, we’ll provide individual training that enables you to profit from our experience, inside knowledge, and expertise.

Coaching and Support of In-House PR Departments and Interim Management

We advise board members on how to build up and equip in-house communications departments and we enable you to establish and expand powerful PR and communications departments by providing efficient interim management.



Over 15 years of strategic management experience

For more than 15 years, Christiane Herzhauser has been advising chairmen and board members on internal and external communications. She has successfully built up PR and communications departments from scratch, headed them, and acted as the company’s spokesperson in a string of companies: a US automotive supplier concern, an owner-operated British innovation and technology company, a leading German business law firm, and an internationally flourishing online art and auction house. And as a senior consultant at a Canadian consultancy firm, she developed solutions for a broad range of issues while counseling CEOs in the field of marketing.

Comprehensive national and international network of top journalists

It is the be-all and end-all of successful press and media work. Herzhauser PR’s network focuses on leading business, financial, technology, art, design, and lifestyle media at both the national and international level.

Proven communication successes

From special media to the New York Times: Christiane Herzhauser knows the players and communication paths – and she knows how to efficiently draft and place messages. She is a business economist who has, even in difficult market conditions, often successfully positioned brands, products, and services in the public, thereby contributing significantly to the company’s business success. She regularly advises owners and board members in complex situations and crises and she secures consistent and authentic communication, be it external or internal.

Masterful communication in every situation

Herzhauser PR stands for sovereignty, intercultural competence, a confident manner also on the diplomatic stage and tackles any communicative situation quickly, flexibly and professionally.



PR works

Media presence at the right time in the right place is one of the most important success factors for companies. Because it strengthens your brand, it helps you achieve your sales targets and tap new markets while also enabling you to specifically and economically address and win over customers, important stakeholders, opinion leaders, or the best employees.

Authenticity works

By authentically positioning your company, your service, or your product in a way that reflects your company values and is transported via independent media, we manage what advertising campaigns alone can hardly achieve: A positive identification framework that goes far beyond spreading advertising messages by creating personal attitudes, provoking dialogue, and urging development. It’s a real driving force for your business.

Transparency works

Transparent external communication creates trust and is the best precaution to take for the event of a crisis. Within your company, open and honest communication with your employees reinforces their loyalty and creates space opportunities for them to identify with your company.



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